WEEVIEW envisions a Context-Aware digital future and Ambient Intelligence that will drive cutting edge UI innovation, and open tremendous new possibilities in human-machine interaction. 

Our vision is to be the world’s No. 1 choice for Natural User Interaction solutions while maximizing ICT products Innovative value, especially in User Experience.

WEEVIEW’s Mission is to be the power horse to build and synergize Enabling Technologies in natural user interaction, which can facilitating innovative value creation. 

We can provide new means to generate giant leaps in ICT products’ performance, capabilities, and applications.


Weeview was established in 2016. Weeview strives to design leading technology that’s ahead of the curve in 3D technology.
With our talent marketing team and highly trained team of hardware and software engineers that specialize in computer vision, optical design, application development and 3D spatial visualization, we have the expertise and talent to bring the ultimate 3D experience to you.

Meet The Founders

George Hsieh

CEO & Co-founder

Kenny Cheng

CTO & Co-founder

Eddie Tsai