Make a still-photo to come alive


Use WEEVIEW ‘3D FUN App’ to convert 2D photos to 3D-like photos. It has 'Wiggle’ and ‘3D Zoom’ modes which can let you see your 2D photos just like 3D photos without VR glasses. This makes it so easy to share your 3D story with your friends.



To create stereoscopic effect known as ‘wigglegrams’. It creates the illusion of a small amount of movement and tricking the brain into perceiving the image as 3D.

You can adjust the speed and the amount of movement in the App to create the stereoscopic effect you like. You can send your 3D-like photos as video format to instagram or as gif files to catch your friends’ eyes.

3D Zoom

The 3D zoom uses depth of field and graphic elements to achieve 3D illusion effect. The white lines define the plane where the screen is, creating a mental division between background, midplane and foreground. Combined with the camera’s depth of field blur, it tricks our brain into thinking that things are popping out of the screen .

In 3D zoom we create interesting scenarios. For example-cash falling from the sky, burning flames, broken glass. Image you take a selfie with broken glass scenario which let you looks like break through the glass without fear. With these scenarios you can make your 3D photos more interesting.